Why Use Integrated Solar Street Lights in Rural Areas?

Why Use Integrated Solar Street Lights in Rural Areas?

Rural areas often struggle with sufficient illumination. Fewer people live out there, so many local governments don’t put as much money into infrastructure and lighting. However, one beneficial solution for these remote regions would be investing in self-contained solar lights. Learn why we should use integrated solar streetlights in rural areas and how they can benefit everybody.

Increased Safety

The lack of street lighting in rural areas means many roads are more dangerous at night. Curvy mountain roads or roads with a lot of potholes from poor maintenance are commonplace, and the chances of an accident increase in darker areas. Installing street lighting, especially around intersections or curves, can reduce the odds of car wrecks and keep the streets safer in the evening and night hours.

Low Maintenance

One of the best reasons to use solar streetlights in rural areas is that they last several years and typically require very little maintenance. The LED bulbs in the fixtures last for several years without problems. The solar panels ensure a healthy flow of power, and lithium batteries last anywhere from three to five years without needing replacements. The most common maintenance on a self-contained solar fixture is ensuring the solar panel is free of obstruction by clearing off debris or snow.

More Power

Integrated solar light fixtures are fantastic options for rural areas. Not only are they safe and effective, but they also put out more power than many other streetlight options. Additionally, they maintain that power by not needing to connect to the grid. Many rural areas suffer when natural disasters knock out the power grid, but maintaining reliable lighting options at night during a disaster allows aid to come faster and more effectively.

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Mar 22nd 2023 Ralph McGinnis

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