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About ILF - The Go-To Commercial and Municipal Lighting Supplier

ILF was born from the need to fill a huge gap in the commercial lighting world. About fourteen years ago, a few of us electricians, technicians, and energy-efficient lighting experts saw how hard it was to find reliable high-quality lighting. 

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The birth of ILF – Induction Lighting

At this time, induction lighting was starting to take the place of many HID applications, like metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and mercury vapor. But one of the biggest problems was that affordable induction lighting typically came from China and other overseas outlets. These suppliers came and went, leaving contractors, managers, and supply houses hanging.

Hence, we banded together and started producing our own induction lighting fixtures and bulbs. To keep costs low for you, the contractors, managers, and supply house buyers, we decided to sell direct instead of to distributers. This website provides you that factory direct supply and all the benefits that come with it.

Adding commercial LED and solar lighting to our offerings

Over the years, LED lighting has matured to play a major role in commercial lighting applications. Nowadays, both induction and LED have the applications they are best fit for. For this reason, we added some emerging products to our offerings. These included corn cob lights, tube lights, and solar roadway lights.

In September 2013, we launched our first version of inductionlightingfixtures.com, with these induction lighting and LED solutions. From the get-go, our customers have spoken up about how much this supply resource has been helping them.

Now, the technologies of induction lighting, LED, and solar lighting have matured. And so has our website and offerings. We are proud to be able to offer you a clean easy way to purchase any eco-friendly commercial, industrial, and municipal lighting solution you may need.

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2020 - The year the world went crazy

2020 has been a major strain on just about everyone. There's no room in the budget to be wasting money. The lighting industry is no exception. And now more than ever, oversees supplies are sporadic and unreliable.

We are happy to have positioned ourselves to help you and every other company find the right lighting solution for today’s needs. How do we help you?

  • Factor-Direct cuts out the costs of the middle-man. You know you are getting the highest quality at a price that makes sense.
  • Our USA manufacturing means you won't be stuck due to China trade wars and shipments that are delayed due to pandemics, hurricanes, or civil unrest. Our Quick-Ship program and generous stocking levels ensure that you’ll get your order fast.
  • Made in the USA also puts money back into our local USA economy. We are happy to do our part to help curb financial setbacks and job loss.
  • Our lights are some of the most efficient in the market. When you install our lights, your energy bill will immediately drop by 40 - 70%. In most cases, your investment will pay for itself in less than two years. In some cases, it can less than a year with government incentives.
  • With bulbs rated for 50,000 – 10,000 hours, your maintenance costs diminish. Install and forget for 10 – 30 years, depending on your application.
  • Our lighting solutions produce high-quality light that doesn't flicker, has a high CRI, and aids in productivity. Better lighting means your operation can be more profitable.

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Our core values

We are committed to our core values of quality, commitment, family, integrity, communication, and respect . We know that these values drive our success. Not just ours, but your success as well.

Quality: The quality of our bulbs and fixtures speak for themselves. There's a reason why we can offer a five-year warranty. That's because of the dependability of our products. Not just dependable, but great quality of light as well. High CRI, high Lumens per watt, High power factor, low THD. It all matters to us because it all makes a difference for you.

Commitment: When you purchase from ILF, we are committed to you. We view ourselves as your partners for lighting success. This commitment means we will see you through any problems you have while trying to order, install, and maintain your lights. It also means you will receive special discounts and financing terms for being committed to us as we are to you.

Family: Our employees are like our family. We laugh together, work together, and are there for each other. And we have our customer family too! We’ve had many loyal customers for years that we enjoy getting on the phone with. We would be happy to have you join the ILF family of happy customers as well.

Integrity: Ever heard a sales-person tell a fib? Yeah, I think we all have. We believe in honesty and integrity. So we do our best to fill you in on all the details you need to know. And if a mistake is made, we own up to it and make it right. We do all we can to make sure you can trust us.

Communication: Ordering online can be nerve-racking. When you walk into a supply house, you walk out fulfilled. We help keep that fulfillment with good solid communication. You will receive immediate confirmation of your order. You will have tracking information to follow your package. And if there are any hiccups, like inventory errors or manufacturing delays, we will keep you up on the issues.

Respect: We are all part of the human family. The more respect we show for one another, the happier we all are. And you deserve our respect. You work hard at your job, and you contribute to the success of those around you. When we conduct business with mutual respect, all the friction that could be there is just gone. We all enjoy it and get a lot more accomplished. 

We are ready to help you

You have lighting needs. We have the solution. Why not order what you need now, or give us a call so we can go over your particular lighting situation. We look forward to you joining our lighting family!

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