Induction and LED Lighting Resources You Need to Make the Switch

It can be challenging to find the information you need to make the switch from older HID technology lighting, like metal halide and high-pressure sodium, to more efficient LED and induction lighting. That’s why we have built and continue to build more resources for you. 

Here are the high-efficiency lighting resources we have available for you:

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Industry Articles

Want interesting slants on the latest lighting developments? Want the answers to your lighting questions? You’ll find it all here! We have interesting articles about induction and LED technologies. We provide in-depth answers to your questions about how to retrofit HID lighting, when to choose which technology, how to analyze your cost-savings when to do maintenance, and much more.

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Lighting ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to see how much you will save every year by switching from your less efficient lighting to more efficient LED or induction lighting. You can enter your electrical rate, your existing lighting system, and the proposed lighting system. It will tell you quickly and easily what your annual savings will be.

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Commercial Lighting Video Library

We are always building up our video library to answer an ever-growing number of commercial lighting questions. From how induction works, to definitions of lighting terms, to picking the right light for your application. Our library is build to meet help you with your lighting questions and needs.

Explosion-Proof Light

Explosion-Proof Lights - What You Need to Know

Are all explosion-proof lights the same? If explosion-proof lighting is required to keep your employees safe, you need to understand the different classifications of explosion-proof lighting. This resource will inform you of the differences between class 1, class 2, and class 3, so you will know which one you need.

Our goal is to be the resource library you know you can count on for your lighting needs. If you have suggestions for adding any resources that would be valuable to you, we would love to hear from you and add these resources. Just go to our contact page and let us know your suggestions. We appreciate them!

If you need help choosing the right lighting for application, or finding the right product, we would love to hear from you. Just pick up the phone and call. We are ready to help you succeed in your lighting needs.

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