Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting

Commercial Solar LED Lights

Want to cut down on energy costs or show your commitment to being eco-friendly? Making the switch to solar may seem daunting but trust us—it’s not! ILF has commercial solar LED lights that you can retrofit pre-existing fixtures with. 

Going solar is easy. It also has a whole host of benefits! Solar power is a fantastic and reliable way to power remote areas or areas where energy costs are sky high. Solar-powered commercial lights are inexpensive, safe, and hassle-free to install and require virtually zero maintenance once up and running. And to make things even better, they don't use any power from the power grid! 

If the concept of commercial solar lighting has caught your interest, but you aren't sure which solar LED bulb to use for your fixtures, contact us or give us a call at (855) 453-2852. We'll help you choose the best industrial solar lighting package for your needs. 

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