Why the Placement of Your Outdoor Solar Lights Matters

Why the Placement of Your Outdoor Solar Lights Matters

Exterior solar lighting is great for many commercial buildings, as they offer sustainable, affordable energy and can improve a company’s image. However, knowing where to place these lights is a fundamental part of the process. Induction Lighting Fixtures is here to explain why the placement of your outdoor solar lights matters and how your positioning may impact your business.


One factor to consider with outdoor lighting is safety. Illuminate walkways, entrances, stairs, and other places around your commercial building. Whether you’re lighting up the parking lot or using wall pack lights, people can feel safer and more comfortable when you supply sufficient lighting. Set up the fixtures in a way that reduces the risk of anyone hiding in the shadows.

Ideal Energy

Consider the positioning of every solar light fixture. Another reason why the placement matters is that you need to account for the solar panel’s position in regard to your building. Install your lights and solar panels in a place that gets plenty of sunshine during peak daylight hours. If this isn’t feasible with the location or positioning of your building, you may need to connect rooftop solar panels to your lighting system to provide them with additional power.

General Aesthetics

Another vital aspect of well-positioned lighting is aesthetic appeal. Uniform, patterned lighting shows professionalism, and lights can guide people to your building. Maintaining an organized lighting system creates an aesthetically pleasing area that looks respectable to clients, employees, and anyone visiting your facility.

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May 5th 2023

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