What Parts Do You Need For Your Induction Lighting System?

What Parts Do You Need For Your Induction Lighting System?

Switching out your lighting systems is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. This improves your business profit margin by reducing your electricity costs. It also minimizes your carbon footprint, making your business more attractive as a green eco-friendly choice.

What equipment and parts do you need to get started? Choosing the right equipment is important to make your lighting more efficient. Knowing what parts go into your system will also be helpful when repairs are necessary. This quick guide will help you set up your induction lighting systems with all the right parts.

Induction lamps – The Star of the Show

The most prominent part of any induction lighting system is the induction lamp itself. Just like other fluorescent bulbs, the induction bulb uses phosphors excited by electrons to create light.

These efficient lamps have been around since about 1900. In recent years they have been made more efficient by modern technology. An efficient induction lamp can help you cut your energy bills. 

They have an extremely high luminance efficacy. This is the efficiency of turning electricity into light. They also produce light that is easy on the eyes with accurate color rendering. This also means you don’t need as many lumens to provide sufficient lighting.

Induction ballasts – The Unsung Hero

Ballasts are an essential part of all fluorescent lighting systems, As induction lights are a form of fluorescent lights, they also require ballasts.

The ballast regulates the current to the induction lamps and provides the voltage to start the lamps. Without a properly working ballast, an induction lamp would either not be able to light up or would quickly overheat and burn out.

An induction lighting system is only as good as its ballast. For induction lights, the ballast is commonly the weakest link and the most common fail-point. Choosing a quality induction ballast will save you money. It will be more efficient in its power factor. And it will last longer, reducing your maintenance costs and replacement costs.

Self-Ballasted Induction Lamps – The Simple Retrofit Solution

When replacing HID lamps like compact fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium, you can’t simply swap the lamp and forget about the ballasts. And the existing ballasts of fluorescent lamps will not be compatible. That’s where self-ballasted induction lamps come in…

These lamps are very similar to CFLs, or compact fluorescent lights. While many don’t realize it, CFLs have the ballast built right into the base. That’s what makes them such a simple handy replacement to older bulbs. CFLs had their day saving the world from inefficient technology, like incandescent and halogen. But this day has come and gone.

Self-ballasted induction lights are a easy swap for these CFLs. They are more efficient, last ten times as long, and are much better for the environment. They are also an easy swap for incandescent and HID bulbs. You can order self-ballasted induction bulbs with the right voltage specs so you have zero or very little rewiring to worry about.

Induction Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes the best solution isn’t a retrofit. Installing new induction lighting fixtures is perfect for new installations. They are also great for replacing old fixtures that have seen their day, or are large and obtrusive.

Applications for induction light fixtures are numerous. From high bay lighting and low bay lighting, to garage canopy lighting, outdoor flood lighting, street lighting, gas station lights, and more.

Why induction lighting?

When it comes to efficient lighting options, why use induction lighting? Induction lamps are one of the more efficient lighting systems you can choose due to their high efficacy. In many cases, induction lamps are capable of delivering 60 to 70 or more lumens per watt. This means that you get more brightness for the same amount of energy than you would with standard incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting has definitely made a large impact in the world of high efficiency lighting. All-in-One Solar lighting for street lights and pathway lights will be LED for sure. But many applications are still best with the efficient and reliable induction lights.

Ready to buy your induction lighting system parts?

Getting reliable lighting parts is a must. With so much offshore production, it’s hard to find quality parts. Asian parts are usually cheap and break down fast. In the past, international trade seemed like a good thing. But the international scene continues to change.

Buying “Made in USA” is now more important than ever. Not only can you trust the American-made quality, but you also can count on production to continue regardless of pandemics, tariffs, cold wars, and other international unrest.

The ILF brand is manufactured right here in the USA and offers one of the best guarantees in the business. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and a great relationship with our customers.

For more information on induction lamps and lighting systems, contact Induction Lighting Fixtures today. Induction Lighting Fixtures can provide your company with a variety of equipment to help with your lighting needs, including induction lamps, induction ballasts, and more.

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