Tips for Picking the Best LED Wall Pack for Your Business

Tips for Picking the Best LED Wall Pack for Your Business

Wall pack lights are a vital fixture on many commercial or industrial buildings. These lights offer essential lighting that provides safety and illumination during the evening hours. They often highlight important signs, entryways, and other helpful information that makes it easier to navigate the building. Wall pack lights are low maintenance and long lasting. Here are some helpful tips for picking the best LED wall pack for your business.

Reliable Brands

When searching for wall pack lights, you should always consider the brand or manufacturer. Many people may opt for the most cost-effective options. However, these days, those may offer unreliable results and, in some cases, may not even be true LED lights. Accessibility has made proper LED fixtures much more readily available for affordable prices. However, it's still a good idea to check that you're working with a reputable, reliable company that can provide the right fixtures for your business.

Color and Wattage Flexibility

A popular option these days is to find fixtures that allow businesses more control over the light color and the light output or wattage of the fixture. One helpful tip for picking the best LED wall pack for your business is to see which brands or individual fixtures have these options. They may require a larger investment but will give you more control over your light sources. They’ll also allow you to customize how things look once you install them on your walls.

Lighting Code Requirements

A factor that many business owners often overlook is the designated lighting laws or regulations that can vary by county or city. Lighting regulations, such as backlight, uplight, and glare (BUG) laws, may prevent you from using wall packs if they create too much light pollution or cause glare in a certain direction. Many wall-pack lights aim straight down and don't conflict too much with BUG laws. However, it may be in your best interest to check your local lighting requirements and the light direction on potential fixtures.

If you want a reliable and reputable brand when selecting wall pack lights for your business, then you’re in the right place. Induction Lighting Fixtures is here for you. We have a wide range of solar-powered wall pack lights and helpful guides on commercial building and parking lot lighting requirements. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We'll do our utmost to shed some light on the situation!

May 16th 2023

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