Tips for Maintaining All-in-One Solar Streetlights

Tips for Maintaining All-in-One Solar Streetlights

Solar streetlights can help towns become more sustainable. By relying on solar power instead of translucent lightbulbs, municipalities can reduce their energy costs and make the world better. However, all-in-one solar streetlights are only effective if someone takes care of them. City workers should follow these tips for maintaining all-in-one solar streetlights to ensure they work well into the future.

Cut Surrounding Branches and Leaves

Solar streetlights rely on the sun for energy. As a result, they need as much sunlight as they can get. Workers must cut existing branches and leaves to ensure the lights get direct sunlight. People should trim surrounding foliage every few weeks to prevent plants from getting out of control. It’s always a wise idea to wipe away any dust that’s accumulated on the streetlights as well.

Check the Wiring

Another tip for maintaining all-in-one solar streetlights is to check the wiring. City workers should make sure all the connections are secure and that nothing is loose. This task is especially important before an incoming storm. The lights are more likely to disconnect if the wiring is loose prior to a storm. It’s always unsafe for the lights to malfunction, but this is especially true during harsh weather conditions.

Replace the Batteries When Needed

Cities must replace the batteries in all-in-one solar streetlights when needed. Again, it’s unsafe to drive when the streetlights aren’t working. For this reason, workers must do their best to ensure they never go out. It’s crucial to know how long your city’s streetlight batteries last; this information is easiest to get from the manufacturer. Knowing the average lifespan of your batteries will inform workers when to start the process of replacing old units.

Induction Lighting Fixtures sells the best all-in-one solar streetlights in the business. We believe that becoming sustainable is an obtainable task for any city. Making changes, such as changing the streetlights, can significantly impact the amount of energy a city uses.

Apr 22nd 2022

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