The Major Applications of Solar LED Lighting

The Major Applications of Solar LED Lighting

Solar LED lighting is making major way through the lighting industry. What was once thought to be inefficient and costly is now used in a variety of applications. Thanks to Solar LED lighting, there is now a more efficient way to save energy while illuminating as much as possible. Solar LED lights do just that, and that’s why the market has allowed major applications of Solar LED lighting. Learn more about these applications and their benefits.

Street Lighting

It may come as no surprise, but street lighting is one of the biggest uses of solar LED lighting. All in one solar streetlights save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Both large and small communities will enjoy the financial benefit solar lights provide. This saved money can give communities extra wiggle room in their overall budget.

Additionally, fewer updates and fixes will have to be made to LED street lighting. Because of LED’s solar capabilities, the life of these lights far outweighs traditional lighting. Although solar street lighting may cost more upfront, it will be beneficial in the long run due to its overall cost reductions and effectiveness. Installation alone is a benefit of solar lighting. Traditional lights require permits and permission from local residents. Solar lights can be installed quickly without having to use large equipment or blocking off roads. The benefits of installing solar LED lights are endless.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are another application that benefits from solar LED lighting. Parking lots can be known for being dark places at night. And even if there’s appropriate lighting, the amount of energy it takes to light the entire lot is costly. Thanks to solar LED lighting, fewer lights can be used while still adequately lighting the entire lot. This will improve overall safety for the public. The lot will also remain in good condition from not needing pedestals to fix or change traditional bulbs.

Park Lighting

Parks are another location and application that benefits greatly from solar LED lighting. In order for public access, proper lighting is required. This can lead to traditional lighting installation that can take away from the beauty of the park as a whole. Not to mention, like parking lots, the amount of traditional lighting required to properly light the area is reduced. Once again, solar lights provide financial benefits that outweigh traditional lights alone.

Parks are also a space known for improving our environment and community. What better way to contribute to these than having park lighting that preserves our environment? Solar LED lighting doesn’t allow harmful gases to be emitted into the atmosphere, unlike traditional lighting. Making the switch to solar could be a wonderful way to educate the community on why solar lights have been installed at the park and what their short-term and long-term benefits are.


Have you ever passed by construction at night and caught a glimpse of their powerful lighting lamps? Construction sites that use portable solar lighting at night will benefit greatly. Portable solar lamps are easy to move and simply recharge during the day while it spends hours in the hot sun. This decreases the need for generators that contribute to odors gases. The flexibility, brightness rating, and cost reduction make construction sites a prime use for solar LED lighting.


Have you ever noticed how bright airports are 24/7? Just imagine the costs incurred from this kind of lighting for an entire day, week, or month. This lighting helps ensure travelers stay safe and can see signs that tell them where to go next. Solar lighting would reduce costs greatly if applied in airports. The airport tarmac is another spot that guides passengers to their seating. If you’re considering making the switch to solar, this would be the easiest place to install solar lighting first. Mobile solar towers allow easy transportation and proper lighting for travelers all year round.

Bus Stops

Bus stops have been a source of safety concern for years. Many communities have instilled push-help buttons that send a signal to the police to come to the bus if there’s an emergency or a safety risk. Stops with poor lighting are more likely to allow crimes than ones that are properly lit. Adding solar lights allows lighting to charge during the day while turning on at night. Feel safe knowing solar lighting has impressive longevity and it’s unlikely to fail when it’s needed most—at night.

Military Solar Lighting

Another application for solar LED lighting is in the military. The military is known to travel often when the sun goes down. And if it’s appropriate, they may need proper lighting to transport individuals and equipment safely. Once again, these lights can charge during the day and be used at night. This saves our military money and even requires less frequent equipment use. With all the cargo military members have to carry, the less lighting they have to store and carry, the better.


Another application that is often overlooked are mailboxes. Have you ever needed to make a trip to the post office or mailbox at night? When you’re placing a check for a bill in the mail, you’ll want to make sure it’s secured in the box. By having appropriate lighting, users can have confidence that their checks made it safely into the box and will be sent on their way. Properly lit mailboxes are a small detail that makes a big impact and difference for users.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for major applications of solar LED lighting. Thanks to solar lighting, every one of these applications benefits from lower costs, less maintenance, and brighter ratings. Because of these benefits, it’s well worth each of these applications switching to solar if they haven’t already. Despite an initial cost upfront, the savings will be worth it in the long term. If you’re someone in your community that wants to make a difference, consider attending a local meeting and suggesting the switch to solar. And if you are a community leader, consider making environmental changes a top priority. Not only will your environment thank you, but so will your community.

The Major Applications of Solar LED Lighting

Jul 7th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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