The Effect Different Seasons Have on Solar Fixtures

The Effect Different Seasons Have on Solar Fixtures

As solar lighting becomes more commonplace, it’s always good to understand some of the pros and cons of utilizing them. If you’re looking for outdoor lighting fixtures that operate through solar power, you should know the effects that different seasons can have on them. Understanding how temperature and weather will impact your lighting is beneficial when making your decision.

Summer Heat

While many believe that hotter days are better for their solar devices since it means more sun, this isn’t entirely accurate. Because solar panels absorb light, not heat, you may find that your fixtures operate slightly less efficiently on particularly hot summer days. On hot summer days when the temperature is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you may lose out on about ten percent of your fixtures’ general efficiency.

Cloudy Autumn

When looking at the effects different seasons have on solar fixtures; autumn is typically safe thanks to lower temperatures. However, many areas are more cloudy in the autumn months, and that may block some of the light and reduce efficiency. Another risk of autumn is that shorter days result in less sunlight. While neither of these effects will render your lights unusable, you may get less power during this transitional season.

Winter Cold and Snow

Similar to how some people believe the intense heat of summer would be suitable for their lamps, it’s normal to assume the colder, less sunny winter months won’t be ideal for your lighting fixtures. However, winter is one of the better seasons for solar lighting fixtures. The cooler temperatures increase efficiency and power from absorbed light to make your lights run smoothly. Heavy snowfall may pile up on the solar panel and cause problems, so we recommend keeping them as clear as possible. However, snow falling from the sky causes less disruption on your solar panels than the average rainstorm.

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Oct 12th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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