The Different Types of Induction Lighting Lamps

The Different Types of Induction Lighting Lamps

Induction lights are impressive due to the fact that they have a high frequency and allow a 50 to 70 percent reduction in energy usage. These lights are versatile and may be used for outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, and even decorative lighting. From instant-start capabilities to limiting environmental pollution, invest in any of these three different types of induction lamps and enjoy the benefits today.

Germicidal UV Lights

The IL-SL UV lamp is an induction lamp that emits UV, ultraviolet rays that are used for disinfection and sterilization settings. These are extremely important for the healthcare world; they are commonly used in medicine, epidemic prevention, and photodynamic. A germicidal UV light can kill different kinds of bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae, and other pathogens that can be found in air or water. These lights last 60,000 hours, is electrodeless, and has a radiation illuminance 10x common UV products. Of all the different types of induction lamps, this one lasts a shorter amount of time.

Circular Induction

A ILRLB serious round-loop induction lamp emits a high frequency, electrodeless discharge (HFED) unit. One example of a circular induction light is the 40W induction circular light round lamp, which replaces a UVL-40R 3000k lamp. A circular induction lamp also saves 50 to 70 percent of energy usage. It’s available in 3000k-5000k color temperatures, constructed of high-temperature silicon glass, and commonly used in businesses and public utilities. Most impressively, these lamps last 100,000 hours which equates to 23 years of operating hours if used 12 hours, 7 days a week.

Rectangular Induction

ILSLB series rectangular induction lamps are another high frequency electrodeless (HFED) discharge unit. Rectangular induction lamps ideally replace common HID, incandescent, and fluorescent lamps. Contact a local commercial LED supplier if this lighting interests you. Among lasting 23 years, a few characteristics of this light includes:

• 3000k - 5000k available color temperatures

• Widely used in industry, business, public utilities and solar energy lighting areas

• Annulus shape and well-distributed bright dipping can enhance the uniformity ratio of luminance

• Suitable for matching with round and oval lamps

• The flexible structure is appropriate for outdoor decoration lighting

Jun 22nd 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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