The Difference Between Street Lights and Lamp Posts

The Difference Between Street Lights and Lamp Posts

Trying to pick the right light fixtures for a commercial property or residential housing district requires a lot of careful planning. Many lighting fixtures have similar builds or look alike on the surface but serve different functions and suit unique environments. Understanding the difference between street lights and lamp posts can help you make an informed decision on which one suits your project.

The Similarities

Street lights and lamp posts seem indistinguishable. In fact, many people use the terms interchangeably, though it's not accurate. Both fixtures are light sources atop tall poles, and street lights and lamp posts may have LED bulbs or solar-power options. It's easy to understand why people equate the two, but the differences can greatly impact your project if you choose the wrong one.

Street Lights

The main differences between street lights and lamp posts are in their appearance and brightness. Street lights are generally taller than lamp posts and aim downward to illuminate a larger area. They may be brighter than lamp posts and are usually in parking lots, roads, and other areas where a wide visible spectrum is important for safety. Some street light manufacturers use large, powerful battery packs to ensure they operate in dim environments or extreme weather conditions.

Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are often shorter than street lights and use omnidirectional lighting to create light that isn't too strong or aimed in a single direction. Many lamp post manufacturers emphasize aesthetics that make their products visually appealing. Lamp posts are common in areas with heavy foot traffic, like walkways or residential neighborhoods. These dim, short light sources can provide security for pedestrians at night who want illumination without the light shining too brightly.

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May 31st 2023

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