The Best Ways To Improve Parking Lot Lighting

The Best Ways To Improve Parking Lot Lighting

Improperly lit parking lots can cause lots of problems. Car accidents, break-ins, and even robberies are all potential risks in a dark parking area. And those are all things you should strive to prevent. Fortunately, proper lighting helps mitigate many of these risks. Here are some of the best ways to improve parking lot lighting to keep everyone safe.

Placement Is Important

Illuminating your parking area is about more than placing some bright lights and hoping that's good enough. You want to carefully position your fixtures in spots where the light is most beneficial. It's always smart to have large lights to highlight entrances and exits. We recommend having illumination at every intersection to reduce the chances of collision. Beyond that, you should maintain regular and consistent lighting to avoid any potential blind spots.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

One of the best ways to improve parking lot lighting is to make sure all your fixtures are up to date. Many modern parking lots use self-contained solar-powered light fixtures with LED bulbs. These fixtures are beneficial because they generally require very little maintenance and have long lifespans that reduce the risk of lights going out in the middle of the night.

Consider Motion Sensors

To help save on power bills and add an extra layer of security, many parking lots utilize sensors on their light fixtures. Some of the more common sensors are dusk-to-dawn panels that automatically turn on lights throughout the nighttime hours or motion-sensitive lights that activate when they detect movement. Motion-sensitive lights are a popular option because pedestrians can use the changes in light as an indicator of other nearby people or vehicles and do their part to stay alert and safe.

If you want to learn more about commercial LED parking lot lighting fixtures, you’re in the right place. Induction Lighting Fixtures is here for you. We have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor fixtures, bulbs, and electrical necessities for any commercial business. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Feb 2nd 2023 Ralph McGinnis

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