The Advantages of Using Solar LED Lights for Stadiums

The Advantages of Using Solar LED Lights for Stadiums

There can be an overwhelming amount of lighting choices when deciding what type of lighting to install in your stadium. Sodium-based and halogen-based lights used to rule the market. However, more modern, environmentally friendly, and budget-friendly options are taking the market by storm. Keep reading for the advantages of using solar LED lights for stadiums.

Money Savers

LED lights can save up to 75 percent of energy than older bulbs, which may just be the biggest advantage of using solar LED lights for stadiums. Depending on the size of the stadium, LED lights cut costs significantly. Night games require lights for visibility, equating to hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility bills. Because LED lights last longer, provide more light, and require less maintenance, you won’t strain your budget.


Commercial solar LED lights last much longer than traditional bulbs. In fact, they can last as much as 25 percent longer. It can be a dangerous task to change lights in stadiums, so everyone involved should wear safety equipment. Bucket trucks will make the change easier, but they can potentially damage the field. However, LED systems have a lifespan of over 25,000 hours, requiring infrequent replacement. Therefore, you'll also save time and money on field maintenance.

Lighting Control

LED lights provide more control over the shades projected over the stadium. Many of these systems can be programmed, so consider tailoring light responses according to the game for a more enjoyable spectator experience. This opens the door to spectator engagement, and could even intimidate opponents. LED programming lets you control how slowly or quickly lights brighten as daylight fades.

Determining what best suites your needs can be difficult with so many lighting choices. Narrow down your options and say goodbye to sodium-based and halogen-based lights. Consider LED lights to replace traditional lights slowly blinking out of the market.

May 11th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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