Solar vs. Low-Voltage Post Lighting: Which Is Better?

Solar vs. Low-Voltage Post Lighting: Which Is Better?

Many companies benefit from installing long-lasting, sustainable lighting throughout their property. Cleaner lighting is good for the planet and helps save businesses lots of money every year. Two of the most common options for post lighting are solar and low-voltage lighting, but which is better? Induction Lighting Fixtures is here to look at the advantages of both options and help you make the best choice for your business.

Benefits of Solar Post Lighting

There are many benefits to focusing on solar lighting. Notably, solar lights are incredibly easy to install and don't require connecting to the power grid. Additionally, these lights are self-contained, long-lasting, and surprisingly affordable for the amount of light you get.

Disadvantages of Solar Post Lighting

While solar lighting is mostly effective, it’s not without its drawbacks. For example, the lights don't absorb as much sunlight on cloudier days, and you may need to rely on reserve power through the longer nights. Furthermore, while solar lights generally don't require much maintenance, you may occasionally need to clean the panels and keep them free of any potential obstructions.

Benefits of Low-Voltage Post Lighting

When trying to figure out which is better between solar and low-voltage post lighting, you should understand what it actually means for your fixtures. Low-voltage lighting is when a transformer reduces a standard light voltage. For example, it can take 120 V down to 12 V. This option is great at providing illumination over a wide range without needing too much power.

A significant advantage of low-voltage lighting is an extended lifespan that doesn't rely on battery power. Many low-voltage options have a wider range of settings related to time and brightness.

Disadvantages of Low-Voltage Post Lighting

The largest disadvantage when looking at low-voltage lighting is that they don't have the self-contained structure of a solar fixture. Companies need to connect low-voltage post lights to the power grid. This complicates installation and makes them more reliant on primary power sources.

If you’re considering solar post top lights, Induction Lighting Fixtures has everything you need. Come check out our catalog to see what fixtures and bulbs we have to offer your commercial or public property. For additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Apr 4th 2023 Ralph McGinnis

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