SMD vs. COB LED Lights: What Are the Differences?

SMD vs. COB LED Lights: What Are the Differences?

Bright, eco-friendly, and remarkably long-lasting, LED lighting is one of the newest and most reliable lighting technologies. It’s no wonder that it’s an appealing option to business-owners worldwide.

All LED lights provide the above benefits, but not all LEDs are one and the same. LEDs come in two types: SMD (surface-mounted device) and COB (chips on board). Despite sharing a handful of similarities, SMD and COB LED bulbs also have their fair share of differences. If you want to know what the differences between SMD and COB lights are before you buy, check out our informative guide below.

What Are SMD LEDs?

Between SMD and COB lights, SMD lights are more common. These are LEDs that feature LED chips fused to a circuit board. Each SMD chip has around three diodes, and each diode has its own circuit.

SMD chips produce 50 to 100 lumens per watt, which makes them remarkably bright. SMDs also produce less heat than COBs, which means their heat sink is much smaller. Finally, you can get SMD chips with red, blue, and green diodes, which lets you adjust the color temperature by changing the output.

What Are COB LEDs?

COB lights are fairly recent inventions, which is why they aren’t as common as SMDs. Like SMDs, they feature LED chips fused to a circuit board. But COB chips have more diodes than SMD chips—usually nine or more. These diodes are packed closely together to form clusters that function on a single circuit.

Though COBs have a smaller range of colors and a bigger heat sink compared to SMDs, they have other advantages that make them stand out. SMDs are bright, but COBs have an even greater output range. COBs are also more compact than SMDs. They have more focused light energy, an improved lighting effect, a larger cooling area, and lower failure rates.

How Do I Choose?

Now that you know the differences between SMD and COB lights, you’re probably wondering which kind to choose. Both SMD and COB LEDs are bright, cost effective, energy efficient, and optimal for use in industrial applications. Ultimately, the right kind of LED for your facility comes down to the details. Do you need a compact design? Do you need access to a wide range of color temperatures? How many lumens do you need? Your answers to these questions will help you determine the ideal light source.

If you’re looking for LED COB light bulbs for your industrial facility, ILF has a variety of quality lighting fixtures to suit your needs. If you need help, contact us—one of our experts will guide you through the best options for your application.

Nov 19th 2021

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