Reasons To Switch to LED Fixtures in Your Parking Garage

Reasons To Switch to LED Fixtures in Your Parking Garage

LED lighting can benefit several different industries through various applications. Parking garages are one application that LED solutions can benefit. From efficient energy and savings to reliability and life expectancy, there are many different reasons to switch to LED fixtures in your parking garage. Let’s dive a little deeper into industrial LED light fixtures and what they can provide.


If your parking garage is underground or dimly lit, some of the lighting will be on for 24 hours a day. If your garage structure is fully above ground, you’ll have to leave lights on from dusk until dawn. You may have discovered that this amount of time can burn out traditional bulbs. And when these bulbs aren’t burnt out, they’re probably racking up major utility costs. LED lights use up to 85 percent less energy than conventional bulbs. This will cut back costs immensely overall. A well-lit parking garage can not only benefit the experience of someone parking, but it can also increase the safety of drivers and keep unwanted visitors from wandering about.

Long Life

It can be costly and sometimes wasteful to run lights twenty-four seven. LED lights last up to five times longer than conventional bulbs. This means that you’ll be spending five times less on replacement bulbs and won’t leave dangerous dark places in your parking garage. LED lights can also be more durable than your typical bulbs. And although a garage doesn’t allow poor weather to affect these lights, basic light cleaning can cause risks with traditional bulbs. LEDs have a durable glass housing and filament. This means they are less likely to break or even explode.

Instantly On

As seasons change, it can be a pain to set the right time for lights to turn on in the parking garage. If this is something that you loathe having to do, invest in LED lights today and no longer have this problem. Unlike conventional lighting, LED lights don’t require any warm-up time. This means you won’t need to guess the average time of the sunset for the next few months and fraction out 15 minutes beforehand for lights to warm up. LED lights will instantly turn on to their proper brightness level, helping you avoid censor systems issues.


It’s likely you want the best visibility possible in the parking garage. A safe parking garage is one where you can have strong visibility while driving. Lumens for an LED light typically range between 40 and 120 lumens. The lumens-per-wattage rating is impressive. With a 180-light spread and increased visibility, consider switching to LEDs. Their CRI is usually 70 to 80, with 2700k to 6500k color temperatures. In contrast, metal halide lamps usually have 20 to 80 with 1900k and 2800k color temperatures. These are more orange color tones and can make it difficult to distinguish between them.

Cost Difference

Traditional lights are much cheaper compared to LED lights. However, they require much more maintenance. The amount of time and money required to install and replace these lights adds up over time. Although LED lights do cost more upfront, they do not need money spent on their installation or replacement and maintenance like traditional lights. Their no-filament and glass housing is resistant to impact and shock, making them very durable lights.

Influence on the Environment

LED light fixtures have a bigger impact on the environment than some may know. They essentially have no negative impact on the environment. This means they do not radiate any kind of gases that could potentially harm our environment. This is a large contrast from its competitor, the traditional lightbulb. Traditional streetlights, or high-pressure sodium lights, use non-replenishable sources to power their electricity. Over time, these sources create carbon dioxide as a by-product. Carbon dioxide contributes to the destruction of our climate. This gas absorbs and radiates heat. Our earth traps this heat and warms the planet and our oceans. Some things as simple as traditional streetlights contribute to the climate change crisis. Luckily, solar streetlights are the change and the future. Every little decision makes a big impact on our earth. Let your community play a part in this important impact on our environment.


LEDs don’t put off as much heat as other bulbs on the market. If you have to switch out a bulb, you won’t have to wait hours for it to cool down so that it’s able to touch. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is if you are paying someone for their time and have multiple bulbs to replace. It can become a costly and time-consuming task to replace the lights due to the heat they emit.


From their durability to their long-lasting hours, LED lights offer you reliability that can’t be beat. Consider solar-driven LED lights to contribute to this reliability. If there is a grid failure, traditional lights will not have a power supply to function appropriately. Solar-driven LEDs will stay illuminated despite a power cut or grid failure. You can have confidence that they’ll do their job even if power cuts out because they are not connected to the electrical grid infrastructure. Their photovoltaic modules or solar panels use sunlight in the daytime and convert it to energy. Throughout the night, the energy is stored and distributed as power for the LEDs. The parking garages within the community will thank you when lights still work even if there is a grid failure.

LED lights have their fair share of benefits for a parking garage. From reliability and impact on the environment to their brightness and cost difference, they are well worth an investment. Lighting is a small change that will make a large impact. And although they cost more upfront, there will be savings in the long run due to their life expectancy, which is just one of many reasons to switch to LED fixtures in your parking garage.

Choose to impact your wallet, the community, and our earth. Invest in LED lights and enjoy the many benefits that parking garage guests will appreciate.

Reasons To Switch to LED Fixtures in Your Parking Garage

Jun 13th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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