How Often Do You Have To Change Out Corn Light Bulbs?

How Often Do You Have To Change Out Corn Light Bulbs?

If you have LED corn light bulbs, you may be asking yourself, “Exactly how often do I need to change those out?” Or maybe you’re just interested in this wonderful lighting and want to properly prepare for inevitable light bulb changes. Regardless, you are in the right place. Whether you're looking at direct wire or ballast corn lights, you'll find them a worthy investment.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of corn light bulbs is what makes them stand out amongst their competitors. The average life expectancy for just one bulb is 50,000 hours. This many hours is nearly double a traditional light bulb. Another beauty in this kind of lighting is its ability to retain light towards the end of its life. You don’t have to expect it to dim before dying; it will hold out its impressive wattage up until the end. Essentially, these bulbs can last over 2,000 days straight if turned on 24.7. And assuming you have them on all the time, which isn’t likely the case, you only need to replace them around every 5 years.

Cost Savings

Another reason these bulbs are so popular is their ability to cut back costs. In fact, they will use half the energy that is required to power traditional bulbs. Electric bills will leave you in shock once you see how low they are from LED corn lights. Only needing to replace the bulbs every 5 years also reduces the costs that are required for replacement bulbs.


If you're sold on LED corn bulbs (and we don’t blame you if you are), here are a few kind of bulbs they can replace:

  • Metal Halide Bulbs
  • Mercury Vapor Bulbs
  • High-Pressure Sodium HID Bulbs

And if at any point you’ve wondered why it’s called a corn light—it’s simply because it looks like corn! Rows of LED lights on the lamp resemble the look of corn on the cob. If all else fails, at least appreciate the quirky name these light bulbs provide.

You no longer have to wonder how often you have to change out a corn light bulb. Rest easy knowing it’s a whopping 5 years before you have to do so. In the meantime, enjoy the cost savings and versatility that come with these bulbs.

Jul 12th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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