How Office Lighting Affects Employee Productivity

How Office Lighting Affects Employee Productivity

It’s a supervisor’s job to keep company morale high. Leaders should plan team-building activities and encourage staff to take their breaks. Showing interest in your workers will make them excited and increase their motivation. Surprisingly, proper lighting can have the same effect. This piece will explain how office lighting affects employee productivity.

Better-Quality Concentration & Alertness

It’s easy for workers to become tired and unmotivated under the wrong light. Fluorescent bulbs, for example, are incredibly dull and make people tired. Believe it or not, workers may have a hard time focusing if there’s insufficient lighting in the building. Fluorescent lightbulbs also have a flickering effect that may upset some people—but we will expand upon this point later in this piece. LED bulbs, on the other hand, shine brightly and consistently. Replacing the fluorescent lights with an LED alternative will help your employees focus on the task in front of them.

Improved Mood

It’s true that a team works best when they work together. If someone is always in a bad mood, this could affect everyone on staff. Luckily, the correct lighting can put people in better spirits. Inadequate lighting can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, which could in turn lead to a lack of productivity. LEDs are on the blue spectrum, making their light a cooler tone. Cooler tones are known for increasing motivation.

Inadequate lighting has also been linked to cases of depression. If people are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency and the lights are too dim, it makes sense that workers might not be feeling their best. Consider changing lighting systems, as these small alterations can make a big difference.

The Dangers of Eye Strain

Individuals spend the majority of their days staring at screens. Moreover, 80-85% of their perception of the world is based on sight. For this reason, it’s vital to protect staff members’ eyes as much as you can. Encourage people to take their breaks to get them away from the screens. Consider also switching out the fluorescent lightbulbs with LEDs. Often, fluorescent lights are too bright, and while you may think this a good thing, but it actually puts more strain on peoples’ eyes. The eyes have to work extra hard to make up for their brightness. So, if you’re an employer, protect your workforces’ eyes, so they remain healthy and productive.

LEDs: An Investment Opportunity?

Many office managers use fluorescent lightbulbs because they’re inexpensive. LEDs cost a little more money. Although you’ll save money in the short-term, the long-term benefits of LED lights far outweigh the slightly higher cost of installing them. Productivity will skyrocket, meaning profits will go up. Also, you’ll save money on the energy bill every month because LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs.

Horrible Headaches

Fluorescent lights tend to flicker and cause headaches. When someone has a headache, they’re less likely to be productive. What’s more, that person may have to take an unexpected leave, which leads to a decrease in productivity for the entire business. Teams need a constant stream of light to complete their work, not one that’ll make their heads hurt.

The Comfortability Factor

Staff members deserve to feel comfortable at their workplace. After all, they do spend a majority of their time at work. As a result, employers should encourage people to get comfortable office chairs. The space itself should give off a welcoming feel. Since you’re trying to convey comfortability, it’s crucial to ensure you have the correct lighting. Sitting under fluorescent lights for 8 hours is uncomfortable because they strain workers’ eyes, causing the pupils to work harder than they have to. Research has shown that worker productivity increases when they’re comfortable in their environment.

The Impact of a Dimmer

Ponder the flexibility of a lighting system while shopping. For example, a dimmer allows users to lessen or brighten the system at their discretion. If you notice your employees are struggling through that mid-afternoon slump, consider making the room brighter. Conversely, if it’s beautiful outside and natural light is pouring in, you can save energy by dimming the lights.

Your Shopping Checklist

Now you know how office lighting affects employee productivity. What’s next? Choosing the perfect bulb for the space is first on the list. Start by considering the color of the walls. Will the lights be too bright and clash with the structure? You’ll also need to contemplate brightness. Search for something that’s bright and not dim. However, there are consequences of going too bright, as well. Keep all these things in mind when selecting new bulbs for the office building.

Things To Avoid

Of course, there are things you should avoid while shopping for new lighting. Below are a few things you should stay away from:

  • Absence of Uniformity. Switch out every bulb in the office. Don’t pick and choose areas that get better lighting. That’s unfair to the employees, and the space will look scrambled with the change in design. Also, you should make sure to get rid of any broken lightbulbs. Everyone deserves an illuminated space to complete their work.
  • Flickers. Lighting flickers can cause a dramatic dip in company productivity. The flickers will cause headaches and put more strain on the eyes. Purchase lightbulbs with consistent streams where flickers aren’t noticeable.
  • Natural Light’s Impact. Of course, office buildings need a lighting system. That being said, don’t be afraid of natural light. Researchers have proven that increased exposure to natural light is linked to increased motivation.

Changing the office lighting system is a long-term investment. In the beginning, you may not notice much of a change, but give it time. Soon enough, you’ll see how office lighting affects employee productivity. Employees’ moods will improve, and they’ll be more motivated to complete their tasks for the day. From a health perspective, staff members will experience less eye strain and fewer headaches. This change will result in fewer unexpected absences, keeping productivity consistent throughout the day. Combined with a restored company morale, these factors should be enough to persuade you to get rid of those fluorescents.

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How Office Lighting Affects Employee Productivity

Feb 3rd 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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