How Long Does a Solar Lighting Fixture Last?

How Long Does a Solar Lighting Fixture Last?

Solar lighting fixtures are popular for commercial buildings. These lights are generally low maintenance, self-contained fixtures, and help with vital safety concerns for any clientele or employees who may be in the area after dark. However, you may ask yourself whether they're worth the investment if you don't know how long a solar lighting fixture lasts. Today, Induction Lighting Fixtures is here to give you a rough idea of what to expect and how to get the most out of your lamps.

The Batteries

Some people are surprised to learn self-contained solar fixtures use batteries since the sun powers them. The fixtures need a place to store the energy they get from the sun throughout the daytime so they can run throughout the night.

The solar batteries of a reliable lighting fixture typically run between two and three years before they need replacements. Depending on your area’s climate, you may want to inspect the batteries occasionally for corrosion or if any condensation is inside. While the batteries may last a few years, they're easy to replace, and new batteries will keep your fixtures running.

The Bulbs

The lightbulbs are among the most important things to look at when determining how long your solar lighting fixtures will last. Most modern lighting fixtures utilize LED bulbs, which are known for their reliability and lengthy lifespans. Because these bulbs may only run during dark hours, it’s possible to get upwards of ten years of use from an LED bulb. When you notice the lights flickering or failing to hold as steady of a charge, it may be time to replace them.

Other Essential Factors

When considering the lights and batteries, you should be able to get ten years or more out of your solar lighting fixtures, but you may need to keep an eye on other things. The physical body of the lighting fixture may degrade over time and require regular cleaning or maintenance. We recommend performing a yearly inspection of the electrical system to ensure there are no loose or fraying wires.

When you use integrated solar street lights, you should be able to get at least ten to fifteen years of high-quality, reliable lighting. You may get even more with proper upkeep and maintenance! To learn more about reliable exterior lighting fixtures for your commercial property, contact Induction Lighting Fixtures and speak with an experienced member of our team.

Dec 6th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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