Can Your LED Lamp Light Bulbs Be Recycled?

Can Your LED Lamp Light Bulbs Be Recycled?

Typically, when we talk about LED light bulbs, their longevity is one of the main talking points. While it’s true that LED bulbs last for a very long time, they eventually burn out like any other bulb. After your bulb burns out, it’s normal to wonder if you can recycle your LED lamp light bulbs. Today, Induction Lighting Fixtures will go over the process of recycling these bulbs and what you can do.

Are LED Bulbs Recyclable?

Apart from their long lifespans, one of the significant advantages of LED bulbs is that you can recycle them. Unlike incandescent or halogen bulbs, LEDs come from commonly recyclable materials, and almost every bulb component can be recycled. Many LEDs even have a symbol on them with a trash bin crossed out to indicate that these bulbs should not go into the standard garbage.

How Are LED Bulbs Recyclable?

The main reason LED bulbs are recyclable is that they don’t contain any potentially hazardous materials you may find in halogen or fluorescent lighting. LED bulbs have many small materials that are perfect for recycling and making new things. Small electronics in the bulb, such as diodes, diffusers, control chips, and transfer pads, can work to create new things when appropriately recycled.

Where Do You Recycle LED Bulbs?

We already know that your LED lamp light bulbs can be recycled, but where do you take them? Throwing the bulbs into a normal recycling bin is ill-advised. Many businesses partner with recycling programs that specifically handle LED bulbs. Many large chain hardware stores, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, and battery shops take LED bulbs for recycling. If you can’t partner directly with one of these places, we suggest finding a drop-off point.

When the LED bulbs burn out in your industrial LED light fixtures, it’s in your best interest to know how to safely dispose of them in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. For more information on light fixtures, bulbs, and other lighting-related concerns, consider reaching out to the experts at Induction Lighting Fixtures. Contact us today to learn more.

Sep 9th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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