Advantages of All-in-One Solar Streetlights vs. Split Type

Advantages of All-in-One Solar Streetlights vs. Split Type

Many commercial and public areas use exterior lighting. These lights provide safety and comfort to those who may be out at night. Many places opt for sustainable lighting; the two main options are all-in-one lighting and split-type lighting. All-in-one lights, as the name implies, have everything in a single unit, while split-type lighting separates pieces such as the panels, battery box, and light source. Today, we’re looking at the distinct advantages of all-in-one solar streetlights versus split-type lighting and why all-in-one may be the better option for you.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the first things you may want to consider when buying and installing new light fixtures is the cost. Budgeting is vital in any project, and you want to ensure you’re getting the most for your investment. When comparing prices, the products themselves will come into play, but on average, all-in-one lights are anywhere from 40 to 60 percent more cost-effective than the initial cost of a split light.

Battery Life

One of the largest advantages of all-in-one solar streetlights versus split-type lights is their battery. All-in-one lights use lithium-ion batteries that stay in the fixture with other parts of the light. Most split lights use outdated lead-acid batteries, which are kept in a separate battery box down toward the base of the fixture. On top of that, their lifespan is significantly shorter and not as good for the environment.

General Maintenance

The problem with split-type lights is that when something goes wrong, the problem may not be readily apparent. Your technician may not know if they need to work on the battery box, the panels, or the fixture, and as a reminder, all these pieces are separated from one another. With all-in-one lights, you can remove the self-contained piece and send it for repairs, making maintenance less of a hassle.

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Jan 11th 2023 Ralph McGinnis

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