A Quick Guide Comparing LED, Fluorescent, & CFL Lighting

A Quick Guide Comparing LED, Fluorescent, & CFL Lighting

It’s always a good idea to consider every factor that keeps your business running, and one of those factors is the lights you turn on every morning. The bulbs you choose can impact many things, from safety to employee productivity, so it helps to know what you’re working with. Here is a quick guide comparing LED, fluorescent, and CFL lighting to give you a good idea of which might work best for your company’s needs.

LED Bulbs

Light emitting diode or LED bulbs are some of the most popular lighting options on the market. These bulbs create light by using an electrical current passing through the diode, and that energy creates visible light. LED bulbs are sources of bright, cool lighting that provides an advantageous impact on the morale and productivity of many employees.

LED bulbs are easy to recycle, have long lifespans, require less maintenance, and don’t require as much power to run as many other lighting options. One of the most notable downsides of LED lighting is that they require a larger initial financial investment.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs create light by using a combination of mercury and gas. The gas sends currents through the mercury, producing an ultraviolet light that illuminates a coating inside the bulb. Many large buildings, such as warehouses or department stores, still use fluorescent lighting since it’s generally less expensive than LED lighting. Many fluorescent bulbs are long tubes that create a large amount of light.

The most notable downside with fluorescent bulbs is that their handling and disposal require significant caution since the mercury inside them is harmful to people.

CFL Bulbs

CFL stands for “compact fluorescent lamp” and are essentially smaller versions of fluorescent lights that work for more traditional lighting such as wall-mounted fixtures or exterior pole lighting. CFL bulbs contain many of the same benefits and disadvantages as regular fluorescent lights but may be a good choice for different fixtures.

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Dec 22nd 2022

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