A Guide to Commercial Office Lighting Fixtures

A Guide to Commercial Office Lighting Fixtures

Does your office need a little freshening up? If so, consider starting with the lighting. Oftentimes, office buildings can still feel cold or drab after they’re remodeled. But by changing the lighting, you can also change the atmosphere itself. This can promote more productivity and enhanced moods. With quality LED light fixtures, business owners and employees can enjoy a brighter space and a smaller bill. Not sure where to start? Let’s dive into some commercial office lighting fixtures that can guide you in the right direction.

The ILELL 70W 2x4

The ILELL 70W 2x4 is a ceiling grid light fixture that may be used in various locations. Using this lamp in your office can lead to increased energy savings and a long-life expectancy. In fact, the ILELL has the longest life expectancy among LED commercial office lighting fixtures. These lights are often installed in supermarkets, stairwells, banks, retail stores, and office buildings. There are no questions as to why they make a great choice.

VaporLume Light Fixture 40W LED

The ILVP40 series Linear LED Vaporlume light fixture is a great choice for replacing fluorescent vapor light fixtures. This fixture best serves its purpose in stores, warehouses, shops, and offices. These fixtures have an acrylic lens light and instant start. In addition, they have an acrylic wraparound lens with a white powder coating. With a lifetime of over 50,000 hours and 4000K and 5000K color temperatures, you’ll want to consider this fixture for your office. It comes with several different mounting options, allowing you to choose what works best for your space.

Troffer Light Fixture 120W

The Troffer light fixture, an ILCHP series aluminum light, is an ideal choice for replacing common metal halide or fluorescent lights. It has an electronic LED drive that allows a >0.98 power factor. This provides efficient, flicker-free, and cool-to-the-touch operations. From office and conference centers to stairwells and utility closets, these fixtures benefit a myriad of applications.

Jun 6th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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