5 Solar Lights You Should Use When Working at Night

5 Solar Lights You Should Use When Working at Night

Many businesses are attempting to go green by investing in more sustainable business practices. One great choice for many industries is investing in solar-powered lighting. Different fixtures work better in different environments, but here are five solar lights you should use when working at night. Discover for yourself which works best for your industry.

Wallpack Lights

Wallpack lighting is an exterior fixture that many office buildings or warehouses install on the side of the buildings. These lights work to provide illumination to workers coming up to the main entrance of the building.


Floodlights serve the valuable purpose of creating a wave of light that spreads out over a large area. Flood lights are suitable for illuminating parking lots, park grounds, or other wide-open spaces where proper lighting is a safety concern. Many floodlights are wall-mounted, but other models are more mobile, and workers can set them up in any area that requires extra light, such as construction sites.

Bollard Lights

One type of solar light you should use when working at night is bollard lights. Bollard lights resemble small streetlights and are generally found alongside paths and walkways to light up areas with heavier foot traffic.

Post-Top Lights

Post-top lights are similar to full-size streetlights and are an excellent solar-powered lighting option for parking lots and surrounding areas. When looking to keep the perimeter of your business or work environment properly lit in the evening hours, post-top lights are ideal for a constant light source along your property lines.

Sign Lights

Many businesses have bright signs to advertise their business or work area during the nighttime hours. Investing in solar-powered lights for your sign is an environmentally-friendly way to highlight your business and invite potential customers if your industry operates to the public during nighttime hours.

If you need more information on commercial solar-powered street lighting, the trained specialists at Induction Lighting Fixtures have the knowledge and experience that you need to find the best energy-efficient lighting solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

Aug 29th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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