3 Strategies for Increasing Parking Lot Safety

3 Strategies for Increasing Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots may seem innocuous, but they're more dangerous than they appear. From driving accidents to trips and falls to theft, all manner of things can put parking lot visitors at risk. Because businesses can be held liable for injuries and criminal activity in their parking lot, it's imperative they take measures to fortify the area and protect pedestrians and drivers. We’ll discuss three strategies for increasing parking lot safety that businesses can implement to foster a secure environment.

Clear Signage

Drivers and pedestrians rely on signage to navigate your parking lot. If entrances, exits, crosswalks, and parking spaces are poorly maintained and barely visible, visitors are forced to guess where to go and how to get there, resulting in crowding, confusion, and accidents. Businesses should ensure all signage is clearly marked and visible so visitors can easily spot and read the information printed on them.

Surveillance Cameras

Strategically placing surveillance cameras around the area is another tactic for increasing parking lot safety. These high-tech monitoring tools can identify any suspicious activity or vandalism in the parking lot. Criminals will hesitate to strike when they know they're being closely watched. If they choose to commit a crime, surveillance footage can track them down and bring them to justice.

Surveillance cameras can also protect businesses from liability for accidents that aren't their fault. For example, if a car accident occurs on the lot and the driver claims the crash was due to negligence on your business’ part, you can use security footage to prove otherwise and save yourself from hefty legal fees.

Safety Lighting

A parking lot should have ample illumination. A well-lit parking lot makes it easier for drivers and pedestrians to navigate. It also makes it harder for criminals to hide in the shadows and take unsuspecting visitors by surprise.

Businesses should maintain their existing fixtures and ensure they're emitting enough light. They may also want to invest in additional features, such as pole-mounted or motion-activated lights, to increase brightness.

Adequately lit parking lots are safer for pedestrians and drivers. They deter crime and reduce the risk of driving or tripping incidents. Induction Lighting Fixtures has the solutions you seek if you need new parking lot fixtures or efficient, eco-friendly replacements for old and worn-down lights. We carry a wide assortment of mountable LED fixtures, from corn lights to conical lights, that will protect visitors in your parking lot or garage.

Feb 21st 2023

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