Improve Hazardous Conditions With Explosion Proof LED Lights

Improve Hazardous Conditions With Explosion Proof LED Lights

Nikola Tesla demonstrated and introduced induction lighting during the 1890s. Over one hundred years later, we have lit skylines, homes, and of course our workplaces, swapping out dated technology for newer LED fixtures and fluorescent bulbs.

But often, we don’t think about how important lighting is to some careers and factory/warehouse jobs.

It’s crucial to install explosion proof LED lights when working in potentially hazardous conditions. These explosion proof lights are energy efficient, but also prevent greater fires and explosions thanks to their spark proof technology.

Explosion proof LED lights should be ordered if the following conditions are met.

Hazardous conditions

Threats are imminent if you work with or are surrounded by:

    • Flammable gasses such as gasoline.
    • A combination of vapor, dust and natural gas.
    • Combustible dust particles—think cotton, coal, and wood. When mixed with these other natural elements, an indoor fire is a high possibility.
    • Metallic dust sawed from materials such as aluminum.

Explosion Proof LED Lights: Questions to ask

Explosion proof LED lights can’t prevent accidents in the workplace, but they can drastically cut down on the damage and risk. If you’re working near hazardous materials look for lighting that meets these requirements. Ask yourself these next few questions.

Is the lighting equipment durable?

How many hours can it last during operation? One hundred thousand is usually the standard before you need a replacement. You want something that is reliable during a time of crisis so make sure to check the battery life before you purchase your fixture.

Are the fixtures certified with the NEC?

Does it suit the classification you had in mind? Class I areas are where liquids are mainly present. Class II accounts for locations surrounded by combustible dust particles. And lastly, Class III locations include areas filled with flammable fibers such as cotton.

Avoid Hazardous Conditions with Explosion Proof LED Lights

These explosion proof LED lights have many benefits if you're looking to provide a safe and efficient experience for your warehouse employees. These fixtures are built to withstand corrosive forces and these hazardous class of threats. As you can see, they are indeed a necessity in the workplace.

Jul 17th 2019

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