Parking Lot Lighting: What's Best?

Parking Lot Lighting: What's Best?

When you have a larger space that needs to be lit, you often think of LED or other energy-efficient lighting to make the area brightly lit without costing a lot of money. However, your parking lot needs not just ample lighting to keep the area protected and safe, but also needs barriers for vehicles to keep spaces organized, like a stainless steel LED bollard provides.

For parking lot purposes, what is the best lighting? LED lights are energy-efficient, using 15% of the same energy a traditional halogen light uses while being 85% more efficient to use at the same time. This allows you to get better LED roadway lighting as well as lighting for your whole parking lot without spending a lot of money on energy costs.

So, what lighting is best? What parking garage lighting fixtures do you need? Your lighting specialist will help you secure great lighting for your parking areas as well as main entries and other locations of your building. Here is a guide to help you select the best lighting for your needs.

Low Bay Lighting Fixtures

If you have an underground garage or a parking lot with a bay, then you need low bay lighting fixtures. These fixtures will help guide cars to your location so they don't accidentally hit ceilings or bump into walls during all hours.

LED Warehouse Lighting

This type of lighting comes in handy when you have darker areas of your parking lot or a canopy-style parking area. LED warehouse lighting provides a bright and long cast so vehicles will be well-illuminated in all areas they park in.

Stainless Steel LED Bollard Lighting

If you have to protect parts of your parking lot from cars or need to guide vehicles away from your main entry areas or ornate sidewalks while maintaining curb appeal, then stainless steel LED bollard lighting is best. You want to invest in these bollards because they are durable and well-lit, allowing you to have a more protected parking area while still maintaining a high-class allure.

Your lighting specialist will help you select lighting for your parking lot that will work best for your needs. From LED flood lighting to more ornate lighting styles, your parking area can be made more illuminated in an energy-efficient fashion.

Jul 1st 2019

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