Everything You Need to Know About LED Garage Lighting

Everything You Need to Know About LED Garage Lighting

Parking garage lighting is a term commonly used to refer to outdoor lighting in parking or garage areas. This form of lighting is necessary as it helps in preventing accidents in garage areas while at the same time helping pedestrians to walk without problems. HID has for a longer period been used in commercial garage lighting, but due to increased inefficiencies, this method of lighting was replaced by LED lighting.

In many parts of the United States, the law requires that parking garage lighting to be administered for 24 hours in a day. Due to the inefficiencies demonstrated by HID lights, there was no option other than to convert to LED parking garage lighting.

What is LED Lighting Technology?

The LED lighting is an advanced lighting technology that does not emit light in the same way as HID lighting technology. The LED lighting uses light from a semi-conductor, which is very efficient and reliable. However, HID technology sourced light by burning fuels. Multiple diodes are used in the distribution of light in LED technology.

Over the last few years, LED parking garage lighting has been incorporated by many garages and parking areas around the country. If you are a garage operator, then you need to understand the following benefits of LED parking garage lighting.

1. LED Reduces Energy Costs

LED lighting has been certified as one of the most energy efficient lighting technology. There are considerable wattage differences experienced between LED technology and HID technology. The wattages used by HID technology were too high, which meant that most of the energy was used on lighting the older lighting system rather than providing lights.

However, LED parking garage lighting uses diodes and semi-conductor to produce light. In most cases, there is very little or no resistance in the entire system, which means that most of the energy is used in providing lighting rather than helping the system to light. Consumers can now save on energy costs while at the same time, enjoying much light.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

LED parking garage lighting technology requires very little or no maintenance, which means that it will be saving you hundreds of dollars every year. This form of lighting requires does not have any form of resistance that is very common in traditional parking systems. The bulbs source their energy from the diodes and the semi-conductors. Therefore, it is very difficult for a bulb to be damaged. All the cables carrying electric current will always remain intact and will not need any form of replacement because they are not melted by the ever-increasing resistance.

3. Better Lighting Performance

In most cases, where low maintenance and reduced energy costs are present, there is a possibility that lighting performance will be compromised. However, the LED lighting system does not compromise lighting performance regardless of low maintenance and low energy costs. The technology and fixtures used to ensure that there is even distribution of light in the entire parking garage. Every corner of the garage is covered and properly illuminated. This is different from HID lighting, where only some few corners of the garage had sufficient light.

4. Attractive to Customers

People are naturally attracted to lights, and no one is willing to drive into the darkness. Your customers want to be guaranteed quality, which can only be done if there is sufficient light. Researchers have found that bright light, like the one experienced during the day, brings a sense of security to customers. The only LED lighting can provide lighting similar to the one enjoyed during the day. This explains why most of the people use commercial LED lighting in their parking garage.

5. Higher Life Expectancy

LED lights and fixtures do not require regular maintenance because they don't wear and tear with ease. Most of them serve for a longer period because they are resistant to environmental damages that face many of the lighting fixtures. The LED has been known to serve for a longer period, sometimes between 8 and 20 years, which is not likely to happen in other forms of lighting.

These benefits explain why a large number of individuals are turning to LED lighting. As a garage parking operator, you should install LED lighting and start enjoying these benefits.

Jun 11th 2019

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