Lighting Choices: Four Types of LED Bulbs

Lighting Choices: Four Types of LED Bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs are the most popular types of light bulbs in the world. But LED lights are extremely useful for many reasons and becoming increasingly popular. Why would LEDs potentially be the fluorescent tube replacement bulb? First of all, high powered LED lighting is extremely energy-efficient. LEDs use far less energy and waste little or no heat, especially compared to incandescent bulbs. With incandescent bulbs, 90% of the energy is released as heat. If you are considering fluorescent tube replacement, here are a few different types of LED bulbs you can use.

1. RGB LEDs: Red Green Blue

This is an exciting form of LED lighting, because combining the colors red, green, and blue enables you to create virtually any color imaginable! Electronic circuits are used to mix the colors and control the lighting, which enables stunning effects to be produced. These lights are often used for stage productions, video displays and accent lighting.

2. Flashing LEDs

Looking for an attention-getter? With flashing LEDs, you have come to the right place! Flashing LED lights are great for signage and banners to draw attention and attract customers to a business, an event, or a special production.

3. Mini LEDs

Used in calculators, remote controls, and mobile phones, mini LEDs are the most common type of LED bulbs around. They can be placed directly on a circuit board, because of their size and the simplicity of their design,
Mini LEDs do not need a cooling mechanism.

4. Lighting LEDs

These bulbs are commonly used in lighting fixtures, and are particularly effective in acorn style post top light fixtures. Corn light bulbs, also, are very bright and used in lamps, vanities and wall sconces. These LEDs have many advantages such as a long life and is very affordable.

It does appear that LEDs are the wave of the future for lighting. For example, LED lights offer better quality of light and are less expensive. They are extremely energy efficient and last for a very long time. However, one problem with LEDs is that they tend to get hot. Currently technology is working on finding a way to alleviate this problem. Remember, the technology used with LED lights is quite different from other types of bulbs. So be sure and investigate the compatibility of your existing technology before beginning the project of fluorescent tube replacement.

May 20th 2019

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