4 Surprising Places That Use LEDs

4 Surprising Places That Use LEDs

Most people think of LED lighting as either a type of lighting used in electronics or as standard light bulb replacements, and that's not without reason. Lighting accounts for about 11% of energy use in residential buildings and 18% in commercial buildings. However, LEDs, especially high power LEDs, are used for more than just conventional lighting. Here are a few surprising daily applications of LEDs that you might overlook.

Street lighting

Many street lamps and outdoor lights are in hard-to-access locations, meaning that when they burn out, they're hard to change. In these situations, high power LEDs can help due to their longer lifespan. Because these light fixtures burn out less frequently, they need to be replaced less often, making them a better low-maintenance option for difficult to reach locations. They're also frequently used in traffic signals.

Household items

Smaller LED lights are now used frequently throughout many household items. Everything from decor to small appliances contain LEDs, whether for decorative purposes or as part of displays. LED string lights have recently been making the rounds as a major decor trend, now that LED lights have become much more affordable.


Almost all electronics make use of some sort of LED lights, with most of them being used in displays. Everything from televisions to microwaves to computers use LED lights in their construction. LED technology has made including glowing elements of electronics easier than ever, as well as increasingly energy efficient.

Industrial uses

LEDs have been helpful in making work environments safer since their creation. Because of how LED lights operate, high power LEDs are frequently found in more hazardous work environments. These keep the workplace well lit while also avoiding dangerous accidents by not using incandescent bulbs, which could be a hazard in a workplace accident. Explosion proof LED lights reduce workplace hazards and make many manufacturing environments safer for employees and workers everywhere.

LED lights have been replacing incandescent bulbs in more and more applications as their technology advances. These energy efficient, long-lasting lighting options are used in more applications daily than people tend to realize. For more information on energy efficient lighting and LED lights, contact Induction Lighting Fixtures today.

May 10th 2019

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