What Parts Do You Need For Your Induction Lighting System?

What Parts Do You Need For Your Induction Lighting System?

Switching out your lighting systems can be a great way to reduce energy consumption and save money on electricity costs for your business. However, you might not necessarily know what equipment and parts you need to get started. Having the right equipment is important to making your lighting more efficient, and also knowing what parts go into your system will be helpful when repairs are necessary. Use this quick guide to get started on setting up your induction lighting systems with all the right parts.

Induction ballasts

Induction ballasts are essential for any fluorescent lighting system. The ballast regulates the current to the lamps and provides the voltage to start the lamps. Without a properly working ballast, an induction lamp would quickly overheat and burn out. A fluorescent lighting system is only as good as its induction ballast, and a broken one is a serious issue that will require replacement.

Induction lamps

The most important part of any induction lighting system, of course, is the induction lamp itself. The fluorescent bulb uses phosphors excited by electrons to create light. These efficient lamps have been around since roughly 1900, and in recent years have only been made more efficient by modern technology. Finding an efficient induction lamp can help you cut down on your energy bills quickly and efficiently.

Both lamps and ballasts are essential to having a fully functioning induction lighting system. If either of these parts isn't working properly, your system won't be as efficient as it can be, if it's still functional at all.

Why induction lighting?

When it comes to efficient lighting options, why use induction lighting? Induction lamps are one of the more efficient lighting systems you can choose due to their high efficacy. In many cases, induction lamps are capable of delivering 60 to 70 or more lumens per watt. This means that you get more brightness for the same amount of energy than you would with standard incandescent bulbs.

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Jan 16th 2019

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