4 Reasons To Replace Your Incandescent Lights

4 Reasons To Replace Your Incandescent Lights

The incandescent light bulb has been around for over a hundred years, but not all old technologies are meant to stick around forever. With fluorescent lighting, induction lighting, and LEDs all gaining popularity in recent years, there are plenty of options for replacing your incandescent bulbs. Why are incandescent bulbs being replaced by these new technologies? Read more to find out.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest knocks against incandescent bulbs is their environmental toll. While incandescent bulbs have become more energy efficient over the years, newer types of lighting such as induction lighting and LED lighting are far more efficient, saving you and your business money on your electric bills. In fact, experts predict that LED lighting alone could potentially cut US energy usage by up to half.

Longer Lifespans

Induction and LED bulbs have a lifespan that is far greater than any incandescent bulb on the market. Wall pack LED light fixtures or LED tube lighting, for example, can last roughly 50,000 hours, compared to the 20,000-hour lifespan of a fluorescent equivalent.

Increasingly Affordable

While originally LED lights were far more expensive than their traditional counterparts, LED and induction lights have become far more affordable as technology has developed. Some LED lights are now just as affordable as traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, making it easy to make the switch over. For example, wall pack led light fixtures, the kind used in garages or warehouses, can cost as little as $70.

Better Overall Performance:

High powered LED lighting truly outshines the competition when it comes to performance. LED and induction lighting systems put out more lumens per watt than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. This, in particular, makes them both more energy efficient and brighter than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, whereas many traditional lights take time to reach their maximum brightness, induction and LED lights remain consistently bright from the moment you turn them on. This makes them the ideal solution for business settings, where having the best light available as soon as possible is essential for smooth operation.

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Oct 3rd 2018

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