Why LED Lighting is So Valuable in Schools

Why LED Lighting is So Valuable in Schools

Have you ever thought about how lighting can impact a school? We find them beneficial in our own homes every day, but how do schools benefit from commercial LED lighting? Here are a few advantages.

They Can Protect the Students Eyes

Commercial LED lighting is extremely helpful for students sitting in the classroom trying to learn. Because so many kids have vision issues, it’s so important that they work in an area that’s well-lit. If a light is flickering or super dim, children won’t be able to focus and may try to strain their eyes. With commercial LED lighting, children don’t need to worry about the damage they may be doing to their eyes. These bulbs give off more than enough adequate lighting, which helps keep children on track with their curriculum. The color of the light is a lot cooler as well, helping them concentrate on their studies. It's also bright enough to keep them awake as it works with a child’s circadian rhythm.

Keeps Harmful Contaminants Out of Their Bodies

A lot of older lights have been known to give off polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. PCBs can lead to problems with a person’s immune system, their nervous system, and their endocrine system. Many schools that were built before 1979 ay actually still have the older, PCB producing lights in them. But with the help of modern LED lighting, PCBs can be kicked right to the curb. LEDs don’t give off any harmful contaminants, including mercury and UV rays.

Can Provide Psychological Stability

Not only can LEDS help a child focus or prevent them from contracting illnesses, but they can also help their mental state. The color of LEDs is very bright and fluorescent, especially compared to older, more yellow lights. This means that when the “winter blues” start to make their impact during the darker months, the children won’t be impacted inside of the classroom. They’ll be surrounded by bright lights which can make them feel happy and cheery.

Lighting accounts for about 11% of energy use in residential buildings and 18% in commercial buildings. But lighting does much more than let you see things in a room. In a classroom setting, LEDs can boost productivity, increase a student’s mood, and even protect them from coming down with an illness. If your school doesn’t have LED lighting, reach out to your district to get them installed or to access replacement lamps.

Jun 18th 2018

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