Why You Need to Install Induction Lighting in Your Manufacturing Facility

Why You Need to Install Induction Lighting in Your Manufacturing Facility

If your manufacturing facility could use some additional lighting or brand new LED warehouse lighting fixtures, you should consider induction lighting. If you’re unfamiliar with induction lighting, it can be a big help to a manufacturing facility for many reasons. Here are a few of the benefits.

Energy Savings

Induction lighting can be extremely helpful for any business as it doesn’t use a ton of energy. In fact, it only uses about half of the energy that’s typically required to run most other lighting systems. By switching to induction lighting, you can expect to see a decrease in your monthly energy bill by as much as 50%.

Low Maintenance

Manufacturing facilities often have high ceilings and difficult-to-access LED warehouse lighting fixtures, which means repairing and maintaining them can be difficult and even dangerous. Standard bulbs won’t last you very long, but induction lighting bulbs will last up to 100,000 hours before they need any service. Induction lighting fixtures don't have electrodes or filaments, the items that frequently cause other bulbs to burn out quickly. As a result, induction lighting systems can have an extremely long life.

Immediate Response

Induction lighting, like corn lights and halogen bulbs, is better for manufacturing facilities as it doesn’t take forever to turn on. Standard lights usually have a warm-up time, which means they take a little while to light up to their maximum brightness. Since the lights will likely be turned on throughout the day, the instant-on means no flickering. This will help decrease worker eye strain, physical discomfort, and headaches.

Low Heat Production

Unlike many other LED warehouse lighting fixtures you can use, induction lighting bulbs don’t give off a ton of heat. This means you won’t have to worry about turning the air conditioner on as often or losing money by opening windows. Your employees will be able to stay more focused since they won’t have heat pounding down on them during the workday. This will help increase workplace productivity.

If you’re hoping to revamp you warehouse lighting fixtures, consider induction lighting. Take a look at the benefits listed above to see why you need induction lighting in your shop!

May 8th 2018

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