Understanding LEDs: 4 Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to the LED Lighting Industry

Understanding LEDs: 4 Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to the LED Lighting Industry

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are two-lead semiconductor light sources. They rely on suitable currents to combine electrons within the device in order to release energy in the form of photons, called electroluminescence. LEDs, though essential in hundreds of industries, can be quite confusing for many.

From knowing how the LED process works to knowing when to consider halogen bulb replacement, the answers to some of these frequently asked questions can help you better understand this otherwise complicated sector. Here are some common FAQs about LED lighting:

  • How energy efficient are LED lighting lamps?
    The figures that are attached with LED lights operate at extremely high frequency rates, effectively increasing energy efficiency levels. Typically, these lamps operate at very low temperatures as well, resulting in not needing excessive heat generation, which otherwise would be an energy efficiency concern.
  • How long do these lights last for?
    LED lighting systems can last extremely long. The average life expectancy of a fluorescent light bulb is approximately 20,000 hours, compared to LED tubes, which last roughly 50,000 hours. Similarly, induction lighting units don't release electrodes or filaments, so the burnout is even less evident. As a result, induction lighting systems can burn for up to 100,000 hours.
  • How much energy do LEDs used compared to halogen lights?
    LED lights use approximately 15% of the energy that standard halogen lights use, and they can produce up to 85% more light output. If you're in need of a halogen bulb replacement, consider switching to LEDs for higher light output.
  • Are there any other benefits of LED lighting?
    Yes, in addition to lower energy consumption and longer lighting duration periods, LED lights provide improved physical robustness, faster switching, and are much smaller in size compared to other forms of lighting.

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Apr 18th 2018

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