Corn Lights: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Corn Lights: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Are you looking to save a few dollars on your energy bill without having to give up any lighting in your home? You’ve probably heard of LED lighting or other energy-efficient lighting solutions that can help save you some money, but there’s actually another type of light out there that you might not have heard of.

When searching for the perfect cost-efficient energy solutions, you may have been presented with the idea of a corn light. Corn lights and corn lamps are a type of LED lighting that you may have seen before but are unfamiliar with. To educate yourself on what corn lighting is, how it is used, and where you can use it, keep on reading.

What Are Corn Lights?

Corn lights are tiny light emitting diodes that are placed on a metal structure. They have been given the name "corn lamps" because yellow LEDs actually look like corn kernels that you see on a corn cob. Corn lights give off a large amount of light while still utilizing LEDs.

Where Can I Affix a Corn Lamp?

Typically, corn lights can fit in most types of screw-in sockets. The key word here is most, as it doesn’t fit in all fixtures. It's very important to make sure you are putting the light in the right kind of socket. Currently, there are E40 sockets, E27 sockets, and mogul sockets. More and more fixtures are being developed every single day, so if you are unable to find the correct socket now, chances are you will be able to down the road.

What Makes a Good Corn Lamp?

Even though there are many types of corn lamps, you still need to make sure you're picking out one that’s reliable. A good corn lamp will cool itself with the metal structure that surrounds it. Some corn lamps come equipped with fans, but the fans are actually more of a problem than a helper. The lamp should also have a large range of LED chips. It's always important to look for corn lamps made from a reputable brand. You also need to make sure that the lamp you're about to buy has been certified. If it hasn't, there's a chance that the product hasn't been tested and won't work properly.

Corn lights and lamps can be used for many different purposes. They're often used on the highway, as LED high bay light fixtures, as parking garage lighting, or as roadway lighting. Department of Energy statistics show that about 22% of all electricity generated in the United States is used for lighting, and corn lights are the perfect tool for cutting back on electricity costs while still shining bright.

Apr 16th 2018

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