4 Places Every School Should Place LED Lighting

4 Places Every School Should Place LED Lighting

There are a lot of advantages to having LED lighting in any building, but especially in schools. LED lights only use 15% of the energy that a standard halogen light uses. LEDs also provide 85% more light output than the standard halogen bulb. So, LED lights are cheaper and brighter than your standard light bulb. That means schools can allocate more monetary resources to other areas. Here are four great locations for schools to use LED lighting.


Classrooms are where students spend most of their time. LED high bay light fixtures would work great in classrooms with high ceilings. LED canopy fixtures and LED corn lights alike offer greater flexibility, increased focus, and comfort in the classroom. Reading speed typically increases and hyperactivity typically decreases when LED lights are present.


Libraries in schools are typically a place for studying, reading, and quiet time. Layering LED light fixtures is the best design for lighting in the library, as it allows for softer ambient lighting. Higher intensity lighting is suggested for desk lamps and over bookshelves.

Hallways and Stairwells

Students and staff frequently have to walk from place to place throughout the school day. These areas should be well lit so travel is as easy as possible. Florescent lights tend to flicker and go out frequently, making LED lights that much more appealing. LED high bay light fixtures are great to place on the ceiling in a hallway that has poor natural lighting.

Outside of the Building

This one has the most to do with safety. Students and staff arrive early in the morning, which is dark for a good part of the year. Many staff members and students have to stay later at night as well, for sports games or faculty meetings, and they need to be able to make it to their cars and buses safely. LED parking lot lighting can also help reduce pedestrian accidents that may occur outside of schools.

LED lights have many benefits over standard halogen bulbs, and they hold many advantages for schools and public buildings everywhere. Have you considered LED lights in any of these locations?

Feb 16th 2018

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