How We All Benefit From LED Lighting In Public Places

How We All Benefit From LED Lighting In Public Places

As human beings, we are taught at an early age to avoid staying out past dark. Bad things can happen in the dark, we're told. Your mother may have taught you that "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.!" As a result, a lot of us grow up with a fear of the dark, especially in public places. That's why so many places are so well lit at night.

Parking garage lighting, street lights, and wall pack light fixtures on the outsides of stores are everywhere we look. They are there for safety and protection of the people that walk in their paths in the dark. However, using LED bulbs for all of these light fixtures could increase safety and security even more.

On the Road

While a fluorescent bulb is expected to last about 20,000 hours, the life expectancy of an LED tube is approximately 50,000 hours. And not only do LED bulbs last longer, they are brighter than most other types of bulbs. LED roadway lighting could make a huge difference in the number of motor vehicle accidents that take place on the streets today. Poor lighting conditions can lead to serious car accidents because of reduced visibility for drivers, and that could be greatly reduced with enhanced illumination of LED lighting.

Criminal Activity

Criminals like to take advantage of poor lighting in parking lots and garages where people trustingly leave their cars while they go to work or into the shop. LED parking garage lighting or wall pack LED light fixtures on the sides of public buildings can improve the lighting conditions in those areas. On top of that, security cameras will be more likely to pick up images of these criminals when the lighting is brighter.

Personal Safety

When lighting conditions are poor, it is difficult for people to see any obstacles that might be in their way while they're walking. Personal injury can occur if a pedestrian walks into a structure or slips on something that they couldn't see in the parking lot, walkway, or garage. With improved LED lighting in public areas, this is less likely to happen.

Wall pack light fixtures outside of shopping centers help people see so they can get to their cars safely. Street lights on roadways help improve visibility so that drivers can operate their vehicles in a safe manner. Switching over everything to LED lighting can improve these conditions even more.

Feb 1st 2018

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