LED Replacements for T5, T8, T12, Fluorescent lights

Knowing The Proper Light Source Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Let's Begin With Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps have been the best light source on the market for years due to their efficient 100 Lm/watt lighting ratio coupled with a life cycle of nearly 25,000 hrs. They are available in different configurations ( t8, t12, T10, T5, UBend, UTube, ) and shapes and color temperatures. Due to the inherent design the beam angle is 360 degrees which in some cases requires a reflector in order to provide the highest possible directional Lumen output for the design. The best operating range is between 20C and 40C. Temperatures lower than 10C and higher than 50C adversely affect the efficiency."

A Closer Look of Fluorescent Lamp Pros & Cons

ADVANTAGE Efficient light source - till 100 lm/W Low production costs (glass tubes) Lifetime quite long 25,000h Different color temperatures Diffuse light for general lighting purposes Dimmable.

DISADVANTAGE Flicker - can lead to headache and negative effects, Beam angle 360 degrees requires reflector which lowers lighting efficiency.

LED Tube Lamps As A Light Source

LED Tube Lamps have been developed as an energy efficient alternative to conventional fluorescent lamps. LED tube light sources consume 40 to 50% less energy than traditional fluorescent lamps depending upon UL Type Selection. Dependent upon Design selections the LED tube could offer increased resistance to vibration and shock along with drastically reduced UV radiation as compared to fluorescent.

ADVANTAGE Efficient light source - till 130 lm/W Lifetime 50,000h - 100,000h various color temperatures. Dimmable Diffuse light for general purpose lighting, Spotlight for accent lighting, Zero mercury content, Miniscule UV light spectrum.

"Light Source Selection For UL Type Selection"

Please find the following examples for your review:

UL TYPE A (Ballast Compatible or Plug and Play) allows LED Tube to directly replace the existing Fluorescent tube and operates with the existing installed Fluorescent Ballast.

UL TYPE B (Direct wire or Direct to AC) allows the supply voltage to be directly applied to the LED tube pins. ( See manufacturer specs for wiring instructions.) Per UL instructions the existing Fluorescent ballast must be removed.

UL TYPE AB Incorporates the functionality of Type A and Type B Lamps in one lamp.

UL TYPE C (LED Tube with Remote LED Driver) Requires the Fluorescent Ballast to be replaced with an LED Driver connected to the existing sockets and pins.

Light Source Driven Maintenance Savings

The Life Cycle costs is 3 to 4 times higher with a fluorescent as compared to LED. The Fluorescent Lamp comes in on average at 25,000 hrs compared to 50,000 - 100,000 hrs. for LED. This does not include the fluorescent ballast which has a life cycle of 25,000 at best and is drastically lower in high switching environments. Make the switch to LED Replacements Today.

Jul 21st 2017 Kenneth LeVere

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