Compact 105 Watt LED Corn Light Metal Halide Replacement, ETL Listed DLC 3000K - 6000K ICYC105

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  • Compact 105 Watt LED Corn Light Metal Halide Replacement, ETL Listed DLC 3000K - 6000K ICYC105
  • Compact 105 Watt LED Corn Light Metal Halide Replacement, ETL Listed DLC 3000K - 6000K ICYC105
  • Compact 105 Watt LED Corn Light Metal Halide Replacement, ETL Listed DLC 3000K - 6000K ICYC105
  • Compact 105 Watt LED Corn Light Metal Halide Replacement, ETL Listed DLC 3000K - 6000K ICYC105
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Replace Your 450w HID’s with Compact ICYC105 Corn Lamps

Meet the most versatile led corn cob lamp on the market! Our ICYC105 corn bulb is suited for just about any application you can throw at it.  Use it for post-top, high bay, area lighting, parking lots, streetlights, and more.  It is suitable for Open or Enclosed fixtures.

If you’re looking to replace your 300W – 450W metal halide or high-pressure sodium light with a more efficient led corn light, this is the one!

  • High CRI
  • High 16,275-lumen output
  • Rated Life of 50,000 hours
  • Simple Installation with E39 Mogul Base
  • 50 – 75% Energy Savings
  • High Power Factor
  • Internal Driver
  • 360° Angle
  • Color Temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, 5000k, or 6000K
  • Choose from 120/240VAC or 480VAC
  • CE Listed
  • DLC Listed
  • ETL Listed

What HID wattages does this 105-watt LED lamp replace?

The ICYC105 replaces up to a 450 watt HID, HPS, or metal halide lamp.  While high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs are rated high and produce tons of photons up front, they quickly diminish.  Hence, that 450w metal halide that's been in service for six months or more doesn't give you as many lumens as you might expect.  That's part of the reason that the ICYC105 corn lamp replaces HID lamps four times its wattage. 

Here are some more reasons…

ICYC105 Have a High CRI

CRI stands for color rendering index.  To see things properly, your eyes are tuned for light between 450nm and 700nm.  That’s a nice balance of all the colors of the rainbow.  That means that our ICYC105 bulbs will allow you to see in truer color than HID and other LED lights.

Much of the HID spectrums are not as useful for our human visibility.   HPS bulbs appear orange and lack blue light.  This reduces the visibility and interpretation of what we see.  Any object that is normally orange is very hard to see.  And the true color and details of other objects are challenging to decipher.

Metal halide does produce a wider range of colors than high-pressure sodium.  But MH still wastes energy in the UV range.  Not only can our eyes not even see this light, but too much of it can also be damaging.

Our 105w LED ICYC corn lights include a balance of all the primary colors that our eyes need for great visibility, while not wasting power on light wavelengths that don’t serve the purpose.  That’s why our 105 watt ICYC105 can replace a 450-watt metal halide or HPS.

High-Efficiency Lamps

Our ICYC105 lamps produce 16,275 lumens.  At 155 lumens per watt, these are some of the most efficient LED corn lights on the market.  Our R&D team is always at the forefront of technology, and we make sure any electrical usage you put into our lights gives you the maximum light output that modern technology can provide you.  With this high efficacy, you will see 50% - 75% energy savings over your old metal halide or HPS lamps.

Reliable Corn LED Lights You Can Count On

We don’t sell cheap imported lights. We sell quality.  In the long run, we know quality lights will last you longer, reduce your maintenance costs, and reduce your power costs.  That’s why our ICYC105 is rated for 50,000 hours.  That means these ICYC105 bulbs will last you 10-20 years in most applications.  That’s also why we can offer you our outstanding 5-year guarantee.

Compact Corn Lights for Compact Spaces

When it comes to retrofitting lamps, there’s a defined space requirement for every application.  Not all corn lights will fit in every fixture.  The ICYC series was designed exactly with tight fixtures in mind.  These short or stubby corn bulbs will work when many other corn lights simply won’t fit.

Choose your voltage – 480V or 120-277V

While most LED corn cob lams on the market are 120VAC or 220VAC, many of our customers need 480VAC to fit their electrical situation.  These ICYC bulbs come in either 120-277 VAC or 480 VAC configuration.  So regardless of your current electrical source, these bulbs will do the job.  Simply select which voltage configuration you need.

Choose your color temp: 3000K – 6000K

By far, the most popular color temp for our ICYC105 bulbs is 5000K.  This gives a bright light effect that doesn’t appear yellow nor blue.  It’s what most users see as the highest visibility color temperature.  For that reason, we make sure to have an ample stock of these lights so your order can be fulfilled and delivered fast.  We call this “quick ship.”

But we know that every use-case is different, and some users need lights with a different color temp.  If you need a 3000K, 4000K, or 6000K light, just choose it from the selector box above.  Need a specialty color temp? We can do that too!  Just tell us exactly what you need.  We will build these corn light with the right “white” for your needs.

Uses the E39 Mogul Edison Base

The Edison base, otherwise known as the “screw-in base,” comes in various sizes.  Larger watt bulbs, such as this ICYC105 lamp, will be almost always be the E39 base.  This is also known as the Mogul base. 

Occasionally, your existing bulb may be an E40 (40mm).  However, the E39 base works perfectly fine as a replacement for the E40.  If you need the E39X (a little longer base), we can make these bulbs for you with that base.  Just contact us and we will facilitate your needs.

Get Your ICYC105’s Now and Start Saving

We are here to help you accomplish your lighting needs.

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If you need any help, feel free to call our support team at (855) 453-2852.

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Warranty Information

Lamps are guaranteed for 5 year against manufacturing defects.
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Additional Information

Metal Halide
Retrofit Watts:
120-277v, 480v
Color Temp:
3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
Compact, 480v
Overall Size:
Lamp Included:
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