ILPTL Decorative Walkway Post Top Area Light

ILPTL Decorative Walkway Post Top Area Light

ILPTL Series Walkway and Area light fixtures with Decorative post top mount. DLC certified

LED Post Top Light fixtures add a modern touch to College campuses and parks while providing 75% energy savings over conventional lights. As they illuminate the area, making it safer at night, our LED Post top light fixtures are great for Sub divisions, Parks, and more. Whether you need a small outdoor Area light or need to illuminate a large areat, we can help you find the LED Post mounted lighting fixture solution that’s best for you.

LED Outdoor light fixtures are easy to install, and can make a world of difference to both you and your customers. With a high lumen output, a LED lighting fixture can make your garage or lot feel much safer, especially at night. Additionally, these lighting solutions will save you time and money in terms of maintenance and energy costs. Get your custom quote today!

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