3 Benefits To Air Purification: Germicidal Light

3 Benefits To Air Purification: Germicidal Light

A UV air purifier, such as a 40w-400w germicidal ultraviolet disinfecting UV induction lamp from an industrial lighting company, will kill microorganisms and prevent them from reproducing. Unlike harmful UVA light that can cause sunburn, this kind of lamp emits UVC light that the earth’s atmosphere typically blocks. Let’s dive deeper into three benefits to air purification through germicidal light.

Better Health

UV air purifiers can help keep viruses and bacteria from spreading. If there are animals in the building, they can spread dust mites or cockroaches. An air purifier can help prevent these from spreading or entering the building. If you’ve struggled with bad odors in the building, or people are experiencing asthma, allergies, rashes, eye irritation, or sore throats, consider adding an air purifier to the space. This may be the most beneficial aspect of air purification through germicidal light.

Energy Savings

Although an air purifier doesn’t directly catch dead organisms, dirt, pollen, or animal dander, it still uses less energy than an air purifier with a filter. UV lights operate when an air conditioner or heater’s fan is on, while conventional air purifiers have small fans that constantly stay on. A UV lamp keeps biological growth from clogging the HVAC system’s air filter. A clogged air filter makes an HVAC system run less efficiently. Because of this, it can cause extra expenses in the short and long term.

Easy Maintenance

UV air purifiers prevent dust from collecting on furniture and floors. In turn, this helps keep the HVAC system’s ductwork clean. This can protect walls, ceilings, and other parts of the building from biological growth. UV lamps don’t have filters that need changing like other air purifiers, but you’ll need to replace the UV bulb once a year. This results in long-term savings and contributes to easy maintenance.

Jun 8th 2022 Ralph McGinnis

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